Imprints of indigenous people at BB Sapa Resort & Spa

After Sapa was discovered by the French in 1903, the first resort here was built on the hill where BB Sapa Resort & Spa is nested. But not extravagant or splendid, BB Sapa Resort & Spa depicts an original Sapa with the traditional cultural colors of the Northwest people.

There is an original Sapa in the heart of town

Sapa has changed to a new shirt - more modern, busy, and famous. But somewhere people still look for the peace and idyllic of this town many years ago. Located on a hill in the middle of a busy town, BB Sapa Resort & Spa has a stillness with a slow pace of life, where you immerse in pristine nature and uncover a unique combination of East-West architecture between the traditional wooden Northwest houses and the luxurious French Indochina style.

Traditional weaving area at BB Sapa Resort & Spa

Come to Sapa, guests also easily encounter unique patterns and textures on brocade cloth, like historical pages or stories about the majestic nature of the Northwest. BB Sapa Resort & Spa has a space that keeps the imprints of the long-standing brocade weaving, from the loom, the shuttle to the gallery of traditional costumes of the ethnic minorities in Sapa. This will be the place where you discover interesting stories about weaving in Sapa and take pictures in traditional ethnic costumes.

Traditional costumes of the ethnic minorities in Sapa BB Sapa Resort & Spa opens an exclusive and interesting space for guests who love the rustic and traditional Sapa from many years ago. At the same time, Resort becomes a historical witness and an inheritor, who preserves and spreads precious traditional values and indigenous culture.

Contact us via our hotline at 0979008866/ 0214 3871 522 or visit Fanpage BB Sapa Resort & Spa.

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