Phan Thiet gears up for Nghinh Ong Festival

Nghinh Ong Phan Thiet Festival is one of the typical festivals for the culture of people living in coastal fishing villages in Binh Thuan. This festival considers retaining most of the traditional cultural values even though it has been "old" for nearly 200 years.
As usual, once every two years, the Nghinh Ong festival is held in the last week of the seventh lunar month because of the ancient concept: July is the time to pay filial piety to the ancestors. Nghinh Ong Festival was born to express the faith of the Chinese community in Phan Thiet and the good cultural identity they have preserved for centuries. In addition, these rituals also express wishes for peace in the country, good weather, and peaceful life.
Including 16 rituals and many activities, the Nghinh Ong festival is an event that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Phan Thiet on August 18, 19, 20, 2022 (June 21, 22, and 23 in the Luna calendar).
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